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Dividend Growth Partners

We Are A Financial Advisory Firm Who Understands The Market

We are a True Partner

At Dividend Growth Partners, we focus many of our own personal investments in the same dividend growth stocks we buy for our clients. Investing in many of the same assets as our clients is evidence of our confidence in the long-term benefits of the strategies we champion; and we believe it’s the right thing to do! Sharing the same long-term goals and values as our clients makes us true partners.

We are Passionate

Our team at Dividend Growth Partners has a passion for growing dividends and investing in companies that have the potential to deliver them. We utilize these investments to build a growing dividend stream for our clients, or what we like to call our clients “personal income stream.” Over many years of investing both personally and professionally, we have found our core focus on dividend growth based investing to be one of the most rewarding areas for long-term investors looking to compound their hard-earned savings over time.

Dividend Growth Strategies

Dividend Growth Investing is at the heart of what we do. It incorporates many of the best elements investing has to offer. Please explore below to learn more about our dividend portfolios!

Dividend Growth Portfolio

Our DGP Dividend Growth Portfolio focuses on total compound return over time with a particular focus on growing dividends.

Core Dividend Portfolio

Our DGP Core Dividend Portfolio focuses on providing current income with the possibility of more muted dividend growth.

Customized Dividend Portfolio

Dividend Growth Partners also works closely with clients to create and manage customized portfolios to fit individual needs.