Dividend Growth Strategies

Dividend Growth Partners offers a number of specialized dividend growth strategies to address investor needs. We also create customized or bespoke portfolios for individuals who have specific needs. Additionally, we offer investment options for qualified clients or accredited investors.

DGP Dividend Growth Portfolio

Our DGP Dividend Growth Portfolio focuses on total compound return over time with a particular focus on growing dividends. This strategy emphasizes the potential for future dividend growth rather than current yield as a basis for portfolio construction. As a result, investments are not restricted to current dividend payers or companies with a history of sustained dividend growth. In constructing this portfolio of 20 to 50 individual positions, we consider several factors including:

DGP Core Dividend Portfolio

Our DGP Core Dividend Portfolio focuses on providing current income with the possibility of more muted dividend growth. Within this strategy, we hold approximately 20 to 50 individual positions. In evaluating the prospects for our Core Dividend Portfolio, we consider a similar set of factors as in our Dividend Growth Portfolio but with greater emphasis on current yield:

Customized and Bespoke Dividend Portfolios

Dividend Growth Partners also works closely with clients to create and manage customized portfolios to fit individual needs. Additionally, we offer specialized dividend growth investment solutions for Qualified Clients and Accredited Investors.